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Our Practices Areas

Drug Offenses

We commonly defend all manner of contraband cases, with an emphasis on Drug Possess and/or Manufacture and Delivery cases. Every case is very different, therefore so we employ a very detailed, very unique approach to defense. We evaluate every case for possible due process, chain of custody, or illegal search and seizure matters. We do not believe that being caught with contraband/drugs on you or near you will result in automatic conviction at all. There are ways to very successfully fight these matters.

Assault Offenses

These can range from Class C tickets to high misdemeanors to very serious felonies. There are many defenses, such as a self-defense, to such cases. We investigate and evaluate every possible defense, and very often use them to tremendous effect for our clients.

Sexual Offenses

Some of the most damaging and prejudicial charges that the government can place on a citizen, we attack these types of cases with energy and skill. Our winning percentage at trial for such cases is very high and is a product of our unique and dedicated approach.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

As these cases are "cumulative" in nature (i.e. they add up to more serious cases in the future), they have to be carefully handled. We examine and attack the stop in general, the field sobriety tests (HGN test, walk and turn, ABC's, stand on one leg, etc.), the blood or breath tests, and any alleged statements/answers to law enforcement. The only way to succeed in these cases, as with all other cases, is dedication, skill, and perseverance. We embody all three.


These cases involve the alleged taking of something (tangible or intangible) from someone without permission with the intent to deprive said person of the use of it forever. Many of these defenses should start with the examination of how the alleged stolen goods were found by law enforcement. As with other contraband cases, we win many cases based upon illegal search or the improper taking of a confession.

White Collar (Federal) Crimes

This category includes Conspiracy, Fraud, Federal Gun Possession, etc. Our attorneys have the experience and qualifications to handle cases in federal court, and we are honored to do so for you or your family member. Relatively few lawyers handle cases both in state and federal court. We do, and have done so with great effect for decades.

Forfeiture Cases

When the government takes your car, money, house, or other property pursuant to a criminal investigation, often a civil forfeiture case follows. These must be handled with speed and knowledge, or the government can keep your hard-earned property forever. We handle those regularly.


We are not simply plea attorneys, as so many self-described "defense attorneys" are. We often go to trial with our clients, and view that as the ultimate test of our skill and knowledge. When the stakes are highest, we succeed regularly. We have returned many, many clients to their families.

Any other alleged crimes

In fact, there are no criminal matters, state, federal, or even municipal, that we won't handle with fearlessness and dedication for you. Call us now. We are available to you ANYTIME day or night.

Why Choose Us

Fearless, dedicated defense

You want a firm who will empathetically listen to you. You want one who will confidently shield you from the power of the government. You want a firm who will keep you out of jail/prison. You want a firm who will travel wherever necessary and do whatever ethically and professionally possible to save your freedom, your livelihood, and your family. THAT'S US.

Your Convenience

we can come to you or meet/talk with you anytime day or night. We can be hired electronically and even the contracts can be handled via email/docusign.

Trustworthy and Kind

We are honored to represent citizens in the most critical and most tumultuous and important times of their lives. We understand from decades of experience how important it is to be able to rely on and trust what your attorney tells you and to be able to feel confident that your attorney will both keep you informed and work only in your best interests. We have dedicated our practice, and in fact our entire lives, to those principles.

Results you deserve

The thought of being removed by the government from your family and your home and having law enforcement be able to dictate to you when you can talk with your loved ones, when you can eat, when you can sleep, when you can go outside, etc is an absolutely horrifying prospect. We believe that we all are embued with rights from our Creator to be free from such horrors. We are all guaranteed Due Process. You deserve nothing but the most dedicated and energetic defense in ANY circumstance. We are here for you.